Events Schedule

For more information about any events that are organized at Luther House,

Please contact  JJ – (330) 808-1244  / Facebook Profile – JJ 

 Luther House Events agenda

2:00 PM Bible Study
at our student org office
in the KSC 120J
Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 PM English Café
KSC 302

7:15 PM Re-Generate Bible Study
Every Wednesday
Luther House
This Bible Study is about how a faith in Jesus Christ transforms or regenerates your life into a new life of hope, peace, and joy.  This will be a great study.  All are invited.  Bring friends.  There will be snacks.

Contact JJ if you need a ride there.

Thursdays 2:30 PM Bible Study on “The Call”
Luther House
Fridays 1:15PM ReGenerate Student Leadership Team Meeting
Luther House

6:30 PM Chat and Chow
Luther House
Prepare a FREE MEAL and make friends as we join for a great time of fellowship and diverse food.”.

Sundays 6:30 PM Women’s Bible Study
Luther House

Other events – Check facebook for event information. ( LSF FACEBOOK GROUP )


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